My Russian kids

Mr Bean video lesson

TESL definitely has its perks. Yes, that’s Mr Bean.

These guys, Maxim – on the right and Matvey on the left, are the first Russian children I have taught. Both live in South Korea and are a fully fledged part of this International Community that I am discovering. These guys have been born into this incredible experience of getting to travel and meet people of many different cultures.

I never would have imagined I would one day be travelling the world, let alone married and doing so – if you knew a previous version of me you are probably more surprised than me! It really never bothered me much, yet, I considered myself adventurous. I was content, or so I thought, to let life go on. The daily plod was never something I fully embraced and it took me long enough to start daring to put words to my questions. More on this some other time.

Meeting people from new countries, teaching them, chatting with them, eating with them and learning from them has all become a daily part of my life and it is incredible! I am blown away, equally, by the differences and similarities that we all share. This episode of Mr Bean, for example, cut straight through the language and even age barriers between myself and these 8 year old monsters. We all sat there in stitches watching Bean. The irony of an English comedian acting, but not speaking a word of English, now being used to teach English was awesome.

Everyday is an adventure and likewise brings it own, new, challenges – life is tangible – I am excited to share it, grow in it and hopefully inspire you. Wherever you may be.


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