Margarita base with feta and spicy salami (chorizo, we think).

Good pizza, as it turns out, is a ridiculously hard thing to find on Samui, indeed all of Thailand by our experience! We very rarely are presented by a pizza that looks, never mind tastes, even close to what we consider normal – and it’s not for lack of trying – and when we do…we go nuts about it. Taking Instagrams and all!

This photo was taken this evening in Maenam, at a place called San Remo something or other, in the same road that our favourite Thursday night Walking Street (market) is in. These guys, with only two toppings and a margarita base will set you back around R80 each or 260THB which seems a fairly decent price here. The “Pizza Company” here have large pizzas on their menus for around R200 (vomit).Pizza is expensive for what you pay for. While a pizza back home for that amount of cash better be phenomenal, here it is, sadly, average.

We found a place in Kata, Phuket called Casa E Mara, a guest house run by an Italian family that use real ingredients in their ones – best pizza in Thailand so far. That said we will most definitely be back at San Remo someday!


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