House for Rent


Pretty much all we have been doing lately.

Over the last few weeks, in Samui, one the major decisions that my wife and I have had to make is that of moving. It has become increasingly apparent that our first and current home came from, if nothing else, divine intervention.

We live in a relatively far out suburb called Bangpor and along with its still secluded(by comparison) beaches and natural beauty we also happen to live in a wooden, one bedroom house with a sea-view and are 150m from the beach – our closest neighbours, of the four we have dotted around, are across the road and further up the hill. Meaning we never really see them. I’m basically describing the perfect accommodation. Our facilities are basic but so is the price, we don’t need much more.

In any case, my wife has just landed (and started today) a job on the border of Chaweng Noi and Lamai which is about +- 20km’s away. This is what’s served up this massive decision. It wouldn’t be so hard, of course, if all the property in Samui were like the one I just described to you and for the same price (8000 Baht including electricity) – sadly this is not the case. All the property, in our price bracket(and even above!), closer to the main-stream – are built right on top of each other (literally), filled with tourists young and old but with the same thing in common – partying, drinking and all round dodgyness. This is not what we are about nor what we want to be surrounded by in our daily lives.

To say we have been spoilt would be putting it mildly, it seems we have been living the exception and not the rule. We have until the end of the month to find a new spot – which adds to the ever mounting pressure since just about ALL of these mini-suburbs the Thai have built (they literally develop, often tiny plots, with houses that barely have enough room to walk between) seem to be occupied!

So whats the travel tip here – if you come to Thailand, on a budget, with the intention of staying a while come before the high season and by all means rent a house, its by far the best option – cost wise,  but when you are deciding where to stay try take all the factors into consideration including distance away from where you need / want to be etc.

Of course there are many people that want the exact same accommodation that we are trying to avoid and that is perfect for them. Well done. If you are one of those, it should be of little deduction, to you, that we are probably trying to avoid you too 🙂

I am now plagued with watching people drive up our secluded little hill taking down “our” House-for-Rent number, to which my territorial nature wants to open the window and give them a mouthful of whatever.


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