Post about my poisoned toe. This is not a blog designed to enlighten.

This is my toe almost exactly 24 hours after the initial bite / sting

This is my foot, whom I’m sure is pleased to meet you and all that. He hasn’t always looked this…unfriendly. In fact the reason the camera caught him looking so flushed is this.

This past Thursday morning I was driving my wife to work on our scooter, here in Samui, when out of nowhere it felt like someone was slowly inserting a white-hot needle tip into the side of my toe. The fact that I was driving at least 40 km/h at that moment did not allow my mind to fully comprehend the situation. I flung my foot around as vigorously as possible without crashing when it occurred to me, in what felt like a lifetime later, that this was the work of an insect and not some sadist hiding beneath my bike.

Not identifying the perpetrator (thanks to the vigorous flinging) has led me to spend many an hour googling my symptoms and trying to get to the root of my pain before my toe fell off. I did go to the hospital immediately but during my mammoth wait for the doctor it seemed as though all symptoms faded. The day went on and life returned to normal apart from the odd spurt of paranoia whilst scootering about.

The photo you see above is my toe, the morning afterwards. Yesterday. I felt this “itching” which I had so often come across during my Google’s. I thought I had avoided this so it was slightly irritating but I could deal with it.

The day wore on. And so did the intensity of the itch. By bedtime it was close to unbearable and my foot felt as though it was on fire.

This morning, after applying several layers of a corticosteroid cream and swallowing several antihistamine tablets I noticed a swelling that hadn’t been present until now.


This is the swelling and redness / itchiness after about 60 hours

This is the position I find myself in now. The itching is best dealt with by keeping myself preoccupied. Man. This sucks.
The lesson I have learnt is too always identify what’s biting you. I hope to report that by tomorrow all symptoms will have disappeared.

It is the morning of the third day and I can say with a happy heart that the toe seems to be on the mend. The itchy welts and swelling have subsided largely but are still quite itchy although bearable and I am able to walk again relatively comfortably. I hope that by tomorrow morning, Monday, this fiasco will be completely finished and I can go back to living in paradise itch free. One things for sure – I will not be complaining about mosquito bites anytime soon!


Its the next day now (4th day) and I am stoked to tell you that almost all swelling and itching have disappeared completely. Only when I touch it does it itch slightly. Nothing even remotely close to what it was. Im feeling fantastic and even better now that I didn’t end up spending money on the Doctor too 🙂



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