Daily Thoughts: Land up for grabs

Over the last three months in Thailand, particularly, Koh Samui I have noticed what it’s become impossible to avoid noticing – the incredible amount of land for sale. This land, I believe, belonged to generations of Thai families but thanks to modern culture infiltrating the ranks in this part of the world with our “education” and business savvy lust for profit the Thai people have become more than willing to part ways with their heritage by selling their land to the Farang (foreigner) and in exchange, drive around fancy SUV’s and buy modern furnishings.

The even smarter Thai, although a woefully small percentage, have learnt that this cash injection will eventually run dry and have started their own aspiring enterprises. The Thai, as entrepreneurs, have really impressed me and those that don’t come from wealth – the vast majority – are incredibly hard-working – it must be said.

There are so many points to discuss, so many spin-offs from the above that want to draw me away and write about but I cannot, now, for lack of time and indeed knowledge. Three months here is not that long after-all. Getting back to my main point, though, It is because of this ridiculous frenzy of land sale that has, in my opinion, turned much of Samui into a Town that was once a breathtaking destination. Of course it still is an incredibly beautiful island to look at – from the air or from the sea or even if you have very deep pockets – but the average person won’t get much sense of this majesty from the land itself. Why?

The answer lies in the title, all this selling of land has resulted in almost entirely inaccessible beaches thanks to the resorts that “own” them. Resort upon resort block your view from the street and if you are only here for a holiday and don’t have the money, to foot the bill of the prime estates, you will miss out on incredible views. It is only down to our exploring natures and common sense that my wife and I have, that has led us to discover the places we have. Often being refused entry to a beach from a resort we have found another way “in.” Exciting as it is, the average tourist does not want to waste time doing this and rightly so.

All said and done, there are wonderful beaches that are open to the public and freely seen by all but my gripe is that all of them should be. Especially for the people that call this country home. The Thai. I cannot imagine what my Cape Town would turn into if, bit by bit, all the beautiful places were taken away from it’s people. It’s tragic and I can only hope that things are better regulated around these parts.



4 responses to “Daily Thoughts: Land up for grabs

  1. I’m heading to Thailand shortly and so I’m sure I’ll notice this too. As bad as it is for the Thai people, it will be nice for me to dream about owning a slice of heaven! After being in Thailand so long, which one of the islands off the west coast would you recommend for a 1 week stay? I am trying to decide which one to visit as a bit of a time out before I head on a long tour – any thoughts would be appreciated!

    • Hi! Absolutely, my wife and I also dream about owning a piece of heaven here. Just my daily thoughts constantly weighing the pro’s and con’s in the blog. Right – West Coast Thailand – To be honest, we have only explored the Eastern Islands but have landed up living here on the West, in Koh Samui, because we have both found good teaching jobs.
      It is beautiful here and it depends on what you are looking for – Koh Samui has the peaceful South, Eastern and North-West parts of the island that we love but anything West – South West is all about partying and development. I have heard incredibly good things about Koh Tao and Koh Nangyuan from my local Thai adult students. They love it.
      Koh Pha-ngan is also very beautiful and far less developed. Benefits of Samui and Pha-ngan are that you can explore places like Ang Thong National Marine Park (which is touristy but beautiful) and you cant from Koh Tao. However I have heard that Koh Tao and Nangyuan (just off Tao) are so beautiful that you may not feel the need to go to Ang Thong. Hope that helps!

      • It certainly does thank you! Tossing up between Koh Phangan and Koh Tao from the numerous recommendations I have heard… I am looking for some time out so both seem ideal! I’m going to have to make up my mind soon though as I’m leaving in two weeks. I guess at least if I decide I want to try them both they aren’t too far from each other. Thank you very much for taking the time to recommend them.

      • Its an absolute pleasure. We’ll still, very much, be here so please let us know how your trip goes / is going and what you think of whichever one you choose! Have a great holiday.

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