Free Practice #1

The last two weeks have heralded challenges previously unknown to me, challenges such as getting people to vote for you to win a six month R.T.W trip and $50k . The prize is incredible but if truth be told the only chance we have of winning comes down to my wonderful wife’s natural ability in front of…well, anything. She’s a winner in front of the camera and is a complete natural. She’s an incredible blogger – as evidenced here , she’s beautiful and, as a former radio presenter, has an excellent voice.

Actually, now that I’ve put that down on paper our chances are looking a whole lot better! I guess life can be like that sometimes – we forget things until we take stock of them. Writing helps me take stock of my life. It’s as though my fingers help me translate my thoughts and put my life into perspective, helping me remain grateful when all my ego wants to do is take this precious life for granted.

The contest, My Destination’s Biggest Baddest Bucket List has been widely spread and now with the entries officially closed its crunch time for their team. Good luck to them, I have seen loads of good entries – the competition will definitely be fierce. Which is awesome.

The 10 finalists will be announced on the 15th of this month. We have a good chance at making it all the way. So for all you guys who took the few minutes out to watch our video and vote this is a big thank you! Hopefully you got the chance to be inspired to take up the exciting quest of travelling and exploring this beautiful planet we are blessed to call home.



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