Songkran Thongsala, Koh Phangan 2013

What an exciting way to welcome in the new year, Songkran a water festival!

This weekend was all upside down and inside out as we had been looking forward to Songkran on Koh Samui for months! As it happened we didn’t actually know when the official Songkran festivities began on our bustling island and planned a working weekend review trip to Koh Phangan in the meanwhile. In fact up until an hour prior to our departure we still had no clear answer on the exact day we were alloted to go wild with our water canons.

In other parts of Thailand this would not be a worry as Songkran continues for up to 6 days but on Samui we have limited water and 1 day is the limitation, and that day happened to be today, the day we were away.

We packed our sizable water guns and boarded the ferry, Phangan bound.

This morning, a dull, wet and overcast one, I went through all emotions of “missing out” frantic tweets to thoughts of returning just for the day etc. Music, however, began to stream into our villa and a smile crept onto my face! We hadn’t missed out!

The town of Thong Sala was an incredible place to spend our Songkran, we partied and celebrated the hours away without abandon. I even threw together an unofficial video of it.

A big thank you to the tranquil island of Koh Phangan for having us over this special time. Happy new year!


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