What’s on the Cards for today

Ok, so this morning has been pretty great so far – said as the smell of my coffee permeates through the living room – I have been lucky enough to spend time with the Lord, get in around 750m in the small gym swimming pool (50 laps), prep for my ESL lesson coming up in an hour and even write this mini blog entry down and all before 8:00am

Inca-redible! I guess it’s just one of those mornings when thing just go right.

Todays line up includes work for two hours – not bad, have some great Thai adult students who are stoked about English – we have a dentist app. for my poor wife’s chipped and dead front tooth, after which we should head to Silver Beach for an Aussie mates birthday and possibly end the night off on a high with some Bowling action. Hectic compared to our usual exploraturdays but hey, embrace and make community with people while you can!

Need to fit some writing in their somewhere too now that I think about it. Have a great day and beware – these lame blog posts are so that I can keep the pen moving and get writing fit. You don’t need to read them Smile

Ps, this is a bug we found on our bed yesterday – just an incredible array of colour. God’s creation. IMG_20130509_161635


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