Wonderful overcast Sunday

Today has been so good, the island has been plunged into darkness – clouds blocking the path of the blazing rays of sun that usually set fire or leave scalded everything in it’s path! This is Thailand’s hottest periods and temps of 30+ at midnight are the norm.

Anyway, it’s been a great Sunday so far and I have written my first review for my wife’s blog which we are hoping will turn into a super blog and enable to do this for a living – writing and travelling that is Smile

It’s also Mothers Day which is pretty rad because it actually encourages you to sit back and take stock of the woman that cared for you and brought you into this strange world. The older I get the more I appreciate my mom. She really is a woman of incredible strength and I would love to give her the opportunity to come visit us here in Thailand for a while. My letter to Richard Branson went unnoticed I think and since he was my big hope for a plane ticket – I will just have to work harder so that one day we can fly her and my sister around.

Have a great day everyone


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