Back home in SA when blankets and duvets where used for practical reasons instead of ornaments, as they are here, your bed was the most comfortable pace in the world for those “five more minutes.” Things have changed here for me and I’m pretty sure they’ve changed for the better. I now wake up and knowing that if I leave my place of sleep i will actually move to a warmer climate – my kitchen – and once there begin the beloved routine of coffee making for my sleeping wife and I.

Mondays over the last six months have been good to me. The less teaching hours I have, have enabled me to focus on other projects and of late they have started with a swim. I will miss this most about Thailand I think – the relaxed lifestyle, the fact that things don’t open until 10, the journey. So, here’s to wishing all you guys fantastic weeks – and by all I don’t mean just my readers, since I neither have nor want (badly) any but to all the people that loathe this bright and shiny day of the week. Embrace it, or, call in sick Smile


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