Keep em going

Baffled about what to post or write this morning. It’s a beautiful Tuesday in 2556 on the Island. Yes I said the year is 2556 because that is the year – in Thailand. I am not sure why and really need to do some more research on the subject but for some reason the Thai have decided to live 543 ahead of the rest of us, which, come to think of it, may or may not translate well through their standards of living. I had hoped to see flying cars I’ll admit, and drinking water available straight outta the tap.

What is next level about Thailand? Hmmm… Those tuk-tuk drivers from Bangkok for one, those guys are either aliens or a highly advanced form of robotics, the way in which they rip round the corners and through the traffic lights with not a care in the world just proves, in hindsight, that an earthly fear they do not possess. Actually the car drivers on Samui are a dead giveaway too – they are just keeping up false pretences. They have absolutely no idea how to drive and I now, as of this morning, reason that this is because they are hiding the auto-pilot flying cars somewhere – let me see them! Dammit.

Ok, this post has inspired some insight from the depths of nowhere. I am pleased. Have fantastic Tuesdays all.


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