sticky faces

One thing out of a an ever increasing list of things they don’t tell you about Thailand is that from the day you arrive until the day you leave thou shalt haveth a sticky face. Unless you were born here. The Thai’s have a well regulated and adapted thermostat like none I have seen before; they run when you cant, they work hard in long clothing while sun beats down on their backs and generally cope extremely well.

I’ve always held them in admiration for this, not ever fully grasping that this is the country that most of them will live out and spend their entire lives. I think working abroad as an English teacher will do that to you – or maybe it’s because this is my maiden voyage across the oceans – that I somehow still consider everything a holiday. Even six months in with an ever increasing desire to learn more, to grow more and see as much as possible, I still cannot bring myself to the same reality and reason I faced everything with back in my home country.

If it weren’t for my wife I don’t think I ever would have left South Africa – never being able to justify the price of new jeans let alone aeroplane tickets “What a waste” I would say…I wonder how many other things I say are as ridiculous as my former beliefs. Thank you Lord for blessing me with an incredible woman, the one I prayed for for many years. I’m a lucky guy, to have been given this life, to have had my eyes opened, sometimes forcibly, is a gift I wish upon everyone.

Morning ramblings over. Today needs conquering and to do that I need to make coffee for our team. Have a great Wednesday.


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