In recent times it’s become apparent that I never studied what I wanted to study and even more alarmingly – I had no clue what that was. I think my life was dictated to or dominated by, the stereotype. Today I find myself wanting to learn all these amazing things – Design, Film, HTML and coding for web and apps even photography and editing.

I studied finance, and didn’t finish, because I thought so little of myself that money was everything to me. I had no idea how boring the next six years of my working life would be. I told myself that, no, I was lazy and needed to put my back into it and kept on keeping on. Always bored, always dreaming of the moment when I would take to it like a fish to water but that moment never came. In terms of a pure disciplinary exercise – I guess the years have taught me that no matter what happens I will put the work in – which I’m grateful for.

Having found a love and passion for creating beautiful things on my PC, through editing software and small YouTube videos I discovered that editing at 3am before my day job was the epitome of putting my back into it – I had found something I loved. Tutorial after tutorial – i am still eating them up – I learnt and played and discovered and am grateful for it. It’s my resolution to take these new found passions and learn much more even though I don’t have as much time to do it in anymore. I also want to use them commercially and make a living through them. These are the kinds of things I would have wanted my 18 year old self to be saying, instead, here I stand a decade later finally realising a little more about what’s what in the world and who I am.

Happy Thursdays!


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