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So we have decided out time in Thailand has come to an end – after July we are heading out to a new location and are currently looking for teaching positions to build our options, as currently – we have none.

Thailand has been an incredible adventure to us but I suspect more for me as this is my first taste of living in a foreign country – for the first 5/6 months Just driving anywhere on our scooter was mind-blowing – visually everything was a treat and watching the different cultures, fascinating. I have loved every moment here but have also realised this is not a long-term destination for me. Asia is a strange place – safe, cheap and the Thai are wonderful – but strange nevertheless.

We live on one of the most touristy islands of all – Koh Samui – and some of the people here who have sold land, opened business’ and struck deals (fair amount) are almost like teenagers, spoilt on the profits of tourism. There is always something else going on. Just this week I have watched a Thai woman threaten a falang (spelt farang and means foreigner) and indeed follow up on those threats to tell immigration to kick him out of the country, hunt him down, revoke his work permit etc. because she didn’t like the way he did business, and they will – because she is one of the thousands of Thai that pay off immigration and police for favours – scary stuff. Spoilt.

Anyway, it’s not these reasons that we are leaving, we have loved it here but our original objective was to see as much as possible and if we are not in such an incredible location – then at least make a lot of money. We have enjoyed the beauty here but now we would like to spend perhaps a year doing some hard saving. We were hoping for a job in Bahrain / Doha / Dubai but the recruitment agencies have been useless and a pain. So we continue to search.

Hey – its Friday! Ciao


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