Exciting times

So we have had lots of writing work come in the past two weeks – mostly travel stuff for a blog site back home in SA – and I have been feeling ridiculously blessed. So much so that the last two days i have allowed procrastination to edge its grimy fingers back into my life. I am here to say – AT BAY! – you slimy, smelly thing. Keep your hands off me, my family and my talents.

I have spent countless hours staring into the screen and accomplishing didly squat and while it’s true that we all have those moments – I do not want them any longer. It’s time to get back in the zone. Time to stand up and improve.

thetravelmanuel.com has recently gone down so that it can be upgraded and we are expecting the relaunch in a few days and are super excited. Balancing content between what we get paid for and what we hope to one day get paid for has been a pain in the butt. Writing is definitely not for the faint-hearted & churning out articles wears you down. That said though – It makes me happy and is a wonderful way to spend your days.

Hmmm…ok, enough trollop from me, I clearly don’t have much to say so it’s off to buy some lunch. Have great Wednesdays.


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