Climbing out of the pool last night and again this morning have seen me in a reflective haze over my past life and the one I lead today. It’s the small things that used to conquer me – like labels and severely misguided beliefs.

If I look back however, I see that I am more than capable of overcoming these hindrances that hid my full potential once upon a time.

I used to think cross country and running were for a special breed of weirdo’s and that due to fitness I could never enjoy it. Two years ago saw me training. entering and completing several races on trails and the road. 10km’s and 21km’s – I love running and am hoping to, in the near future, complete my first marathon.

I used to think that I couldn’t swim. Being a lifeguard for ten years meant I could swim well enough but anything between 200 and 400m saw me coughing and spluttering alongside my all star team-mates and I really felt that I would only be able to be a good 50 / 100m swimmer. for the past three weeks I have dedicated my mornings and evenings to learning how to swim further and with consistency and I eat up 750m and 1.5km’s at a time! I am really proud and best of all – I enjoy it.

I used to have a huge drug problem, landed in some rough places and put loved ones through hell because of it. It has nearly been five years since I last took any form of mind-altering substance (and I took the lot) and today I am a happy man living life more fully and deeply than cheap highs could disillusion me by.

These are just a few examples of what I used to think I was capable and how I put my self in a box. Right now my creative side that lay dormant my whole life is exploding and I am into video making, photography and even design. Really basic stuff but an outlet I am loving! I am also struggling with eating badly and drinking too many sugary drinks but I know now that I will overcome those hurdles too.

I hope that you are inspired to live life and toss away the labels and boxes that you have been living in. And that today may just be the start of a wonderful change in your life.

I could not do these things alone, my self-will certainly isn’t rock solid and I am not the fountain of life. My life changed when I opened myself up to the possibility of a loving God and he has never let me down or left me in the lurch. I have left him, many times, but he takes me back.


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